Smart Serve are currently looking to partner up with a Pub Chain. The Smart Serve concept of ordering food and drink from your mobile phone, and paying for it either via a virtual tab system,...

The Smart Serve BrandThe Smart Serve Brand

Smart Serve intends to be the market leader in its field and the brand shall be recognised as such in the UK and abroad.

The Smart Serve logo is intended to be nationally recognisable as the first choice in its sector.

Smart Serve intends to maintain a level of service for both the consumer and the merchant befitting the image of both Smart Serve and the registered Merchant.

Smart Serve intends to ensure that the participating venues are able to maintain a level of service consistent with the company image.

Large online campaigns will be launched once we have achieved the necessary coverage in order to maximise the amount of users.

Future integration of social networking sites is planned so users shall be able to share their location and “like” their orders through the Smart Serve App.

The website is designed to be fully connected to the Application allowing users to use either the website or the app for their ordering.

Advertising on the website as well as the App will be available.